What features will I get in this theme UI?

We have designed our website Theme UIs based on premium Woodmart wordpress theme and Woocommerce so you will get all default features available in woodmart theme. If you want to add any other features on your website then we recommend you to install wordpress plugins based on your requirements.

Is features like amazon or flipkart included?

Amazon and flipkart like website are using different technology and our theme UIs are based on wodpress so you can add any features by installing available plugins or extensions for wordpress.

Is them UI SEO Friendly?

Our theme designed on Premium Woodmart  WordPress Theme and as per woodmart author theme is completely optimized and SEO friendly.

Why my website score and speed is too low?

Website scores and speed depends on various factors like: type of hosting, images format, images size, paid or free CDN, Caching Service, multiple use of plugins and many others.

Will I get Woodmart theme with Woochamp UI?

Yes, our theme UI designed on woodmart theme only so you will get this premium theme pre-installed.

Is theme update available with UI?

Yes, 1 Year free theme update available with all our UIs.

Note: Bundle Pack does not comes with premium theme update when official author release it.

What is WooChamp premium theme?

These are the full websites themes comes with professional and unique layout designs.

Is WooChamp premium themes included in bundle pack?

No, woochamp premium themes are not included in our bundle pack, user need to purchase these separately if required.

How to update theme if new version released by respective theme author on its official page?

If new theme version released by theme author then we will add this to your order section so you can simply download it from your my account dashboard.

Note: Bundle Pack does not comes with premium theme update when official author release it.

Will my website data deleted if I update theme?

We have designed our all UIs based on CSS only without any core file modifications so you can update your theme without loosing your website data. If you have made any customization in theme files then this may get deleted.

Note: we strongly recommends to take your site backup before proceeding for upgrading or downgrading process.

Is premium other plugin included with Theme UIs?

No, we have not included any premium plugins in our Theme UI except available with premium theme. You can use any plugin as per your requirements or choice.

Why my import stuck on certain percentage or taking time to import?

Unfortunately, on some occasions, the migration process can get stuck during the import. Mostly because of one of the following reasons:

  • max upload limit or max execution time
  • Timeout issues
  • Server space saturated

We recommend you check with your hosting partner for above settings.

Can I use premium nulled or cracked WP all in one migration plugin to import woochamp UI on my domain?

Strongly not!! nulled or cracked plugins may inject viruses on your site. And if you are doing so then we are not responsible for any data loss.

If you are facing any issue while importing UI file using WP All In One Migration Plugin then recommend you to check with hosting provide and tell them to increase below points.

The settings in PHP that you likely need to adjust are:
upload_max_filesize – set this to a value > than your backup
post_max_size – set this to a value > than your backup
memory_limit – set this to a value > than your backup
max_execution_time – set this to 0 (infinite)

Note: if still issue not resolved then you can check with its premium version plugin.

Why all demos are same?

Our theme UIs designed on wordpress premium theme with woocommerce so you will get same pages structure based on theme and woocommerce plugin.

We have tried our best to provide you profession looking design using CSS only without modifying any core files.3

Why Tablet view is not looking perfect?

Our WooChamp UIs only designed for Desktop View and Mobile View. if you need theme to customized for tablet view also then you can reach us.

Note: Tablet view customization will on chargeable basis.

What type of file will I get after purchase?

You will get All In One Migration Plugin backup file as UI which can be import on any domain with this plugin. Checkout supported hosting providers, click here.

Why my website showing old page even after import?

This may happen because of caching issue. try to clear your browser cache and server cache.

Why my website showing virus?

Our UI themes are completely virus free. these are designed on localhost and we have not used any nulled or cracked plugins in all our UIs. If your website has any nulled or cracked plugins installed now or earlier and your website is not functioning properly then we are not responsible for it.

Can I use nulled or cracked plugin on Woochamp Theme UIs?

We do not recommends nulled or cracked plugins. If you face any issue with your site then we are not responsible for ant data loss.

Is premium theme included with WooChamp UI Theme?

Yes, premium woodmart theme included with our UI.

Can I use my own purchased premium theme with WooChamp UI?

Yes, you can use your own purchased premium wordpress theme.

Note: only mentioned theme will work with our UIs.

Can I use my GPL nulled or cracked theme with WooChamp UI?

We strongly not recommend anyone to use GPL nulled or cracked theme. If any data loss or virus issue then we are not responsible.

Will I face any copyright issue?

The Theme UI designs are inspired by one or more websites available on internet and the images are used for demonstration purpose only and we do not hold any copyright of any graphic content, these may copyrighted with any reference website so it is strongly recommended buyers to replace these images with your own images. We are not responsible if you face any copyright issue in future.

What support Woochamp provides?

We only provide support for our Theme UIs related, if you face any issue with your website due to installed or third party plugins then we suggest you check with respective plugin author.

Theme / Plugin asking for license key, do you provide license keys for it?

No, we do not provide license keys for any of our products. We provide theme bugs support for the mentioned duration on the product page.

Note: we do not provide any support for any plugins which you install or use as per your choice.

Support Time: Monday to Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM (IST)