Make Money

by becoming a WooChamp Affiliate!

Make Money

by becoming a WooChamp Affiliate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate program is a partnership to mutually benefit the affiliated partner and woochamp. Affiliate partners calls attention to traffic and diverting potential customers to woochamp. Affiliate partners can earn upto 60% commission on the generated sale.

Apply for the woochamp affiliate program by clicking above “Join Now For Free” button.

There are absolutely no cost involved in joining or being the part of woochamp affiliate program.

The cookies placed in your visitor website 60 days.

Affiliates have an option of receiving payments via paypal or bank transfer.

All payouts will be done on 7th of each month once it verified by woochamp.

From your affiliate account you can track the conversions. It will be reflect in your affiliate panel whenever a conversion made through affiliate link. You can access the overview of the conversions on the dashboard section and have a detailed report.

You can find your affiliate link in the affiliate dashboard.

We have defined commission rates in 4 different levels as shown below and affiliate partner has achieve higher level to earn more commission.

For any further queries, please drop us an email on [email protected]

WooChamp Affiliate Commissions Levels

Level Payout Achieve Level
Silver 20% None
Gold 30% 30 Referrals
Platinum 40% 50 Referrals
Premium 60% 100 Referrals